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Amani National Congress

Uchumi Bora

Our Major Commitments


To build a nation of governance ideology that secures economic freedom and empowerment of our citizens.


To guarantee a life of dignity for our citizens.

Core Values

Peace, Respect for human dignity, Respect for the law and Uphold national values as enshrined in article 10 of the law.

Message From H.E Governor Issa Timamy

Political parties are the lifeblood of democracy. Let us all work together to strengthen our party and build a better future for all.

Message From the Secretary General

As the newly appointed Secretary General of the ANC Party, I am happy to lead us into an era of dynamic growth and progress. Our party’s potential is boundless, and together, we shall shape a brighter future for our beloved nation. At the heart of our strategy lies a powerful Bottom-Up Economic Model. This model isn’t just theoretical; it’s transformative blueprint to empower individuals, communities, and regions. By focusing on our citizen’s needs, we will drive innovation, uplift marginalized groups, and ensure prosperity is shared by all. My vision is not mere rhetoric; it’s backed by actionable plans to propel ANC Party’s growth. We will engage, invigorate, and extend our party’s activities through strategic alliances, innovative campaigns, and grassroots initiatives, we shall fortify ANC’s presence and magnify its influence.

With an unwavering resolve, Hon. Omboko J. Milemba
Secretary General

Message From The Founder

A nation's greatness depends on the quality of its leaders, and citizens exercise their power at the ballot box. It is essential to use this power wisely and make our voices heard to ensure a healthy democracy. Democracy is always a work in progress, and it requires active participation from all citizens to safeguard its principles and strive for greater inclusivity and representation. To maintain a democracy, political parties must be guided by fundamental values such as democracy and human rights, which cannot be compromised.

H.E Hon. Musalia W. Mudavadi, EGH
Aims & Objectives

Uphold, Protect, Prosper

To uphold and protect the Constitution of Kenya with a view to building a peaceful, united and prosperous nation

Inspire, Enable, Unite

To promote and champion the fight for youth empowerment and ensure that Kenyan youths are at the Centre of national development initiatives

Advocate, Uplift, Empower

To support and advance the cause of women's emancipation and empowerment and to ensure that gendered approach informs all policies and practices of the Party


National Delegates Conference "Earthquake"

HE. Musalia Mudavadi addressing ANC National Delegates Conference.

Vihiga Cultural Festival

HE. Musalia Mudavadi attending the annual Vihiga Cultural Festival.

Lamu Cultural Festival

HE. Musalia Mudavadi and HE. Governor Issa Timamy during the Lamu Cultural Festival.

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